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Committee 2016 - 17

Chairman John Scott
Secretary Isabel Scott
Treasurer Janice Sewell
Rally Secretary John Rigby
Equipment Officer   Janice Sewell

Clive Brown, Patrica Brown, Ken Kilcullen, Kathleen Kilcullen, Jim Richardson, Margaret Rigby

Centre Rallies 2017

13 - 17 Castle Douglas Chairman's Rally   THIS RALLY HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED
24 - 28 Dalbeattie Walking Festival Rally EHU's available Bookings to Janice Sewell - Email: sewelljanice92@gmail.com
7 - 11 Getna Nomination Rally EHU's available Bookings to Isabel Scott - Email: sccdandgsec@gmail.com
21 - 25 Gatehouse of Fleet    AGM Rally EHU's available Bookings to John Rigby - Email: sccdandgrallysec@gmail.com
25 - 29 Stranraer Pilgrim's Rally EHU's available Bookings to Kath Kilcullen - Email: kenkathkilcullen@hotmail.com
29 - 2 Jan 2018 Gretna New Year Rally EHU's avalable Bookings to Kath Kilcullen - Email: kenkathkilcullen@hotmail.com

Thank You from Val’s Woods Family


The I'Anson and Jamieson families wish to thank all who attended Val's funeral on 11th May 2017.


They were very appreciative of the support from everyone"





I am delighted to once again to have been elected as Centre Chairman for SCC Dumfries & Galloway.


At our AGM on 24th September, 10 Committee were elected with all Office Bearer positions filled and at the short meeting after the AGM we co-opted one more committee member on, making a total of 11.


Our dinner dance is to be held on 11th February 2017 at Queens Hotel, Lockerbie. Anyone wanting tickets please contact our Centre Secretary.


Any further information can be found on The Scottish Caravan Club website under Dumfries & Galloway Centre or in 2017 handbook.


We are trying very hard to get members and visitors out there at rallies to support us and of course new and unattached members are very, very welcome.  Why not come and try a rally and see for yourselves how “The Friendly Centre” treats you.


Planning is well ahead for our Scottish National Rally at Park Farm, Dumfries from 28th April to 2nd May 2017 and Dumfries & Galloway Centre are holding a Follow-on Rally at Lettershaws Farm, Biggar from 2nd to 6th May 2017.


I would now like to wish all our members, other centres and Scottish Division all the best for 2017.



John Scott


John Scott

Dumfries & Galloway Chairman

Ecclefechan - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                                                                                                  6th - 10th April 2017


Golfing Weekend Rally

Newton Stewart - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                                                                                                  9th - 13th March 2017


Dark Sky's Rally

York - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                                                                                                  2nd – 16th July 2016 


Yorkshire Pudding Rally

Wigton - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                                                                                                  9th – 13th June 2016 


Crest of a Wave Rally

Gretna - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                                                                                                  17th – 21st March 2016 


Pre Easter Rally

Kirkcudbright - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                                           20th – 24th August 2015 


Strawman Rally


Photos by Fred Sewell

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Castle Douglas - Dumfries & Galloway Centre                    30th July – 3rd August 2015 


Get Lost Rally


Photos by John Scott

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2 – 7 April 2015 - Dumfries

Dumfries & Galloway Centre Centre - Bonnets & Bunnies  Rally

Photos by Isobel Scott & John Rigby

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4th – 8th September 2014 – Dumfries & Galloway – Nominations Rally - Gretna

Photos have now been Archived

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18th – 22nd April 2014 – Dumfries & Galloway – Easter Rally – Dundrennan

Photos have now been Archived

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