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Committee 2021 - 2022.


Catherine McKenzie

  Vice Chairman  

Patricia Wilson


Jessie McKenzie

  Rally Secretary

Jacquie Steel


Sandra Fenton

  Equipment Officer  

Alan Steel


Brian Marr & Brian Wilson.

North Centre Committee 2021 - 2022.

Fordoun – North Centre                                                           17th - 19th September 2021


AGM Rally


Our AGM Rally was held the weekend of 18th September with 17 vans in attendance and where a new Committee was elected for 2021/22. The rally was opened on Friday evening by the eminent and eloquent  Frank Clark after which we were treated to two excellent home made soups; Chicken Broth and Lentil which went down a storm.  

On Saturday afternoon, The Mudlark Photographic Competition was competed for with an excellent turn out of photos depicting the "Spirit of Caravanning". This was judged by Ian Bennett former President of The Scottish Caravan Club, Scottish Division of Caravan and Motorhome Club and he declared the winner to be Jacquie Steel with her "Pimms @ Pitrennie" photo taken at the recent CL Weekend at Pitrennie Mill.  The trophy will be presented at our Christmas Lunch in November.  

Our thanks go to SCC Vice President Bruce Fenton for acting as Interim Chair during the AGM proceedings which were lively and everyone participated in the debate surrounding the future of the Centre.

The evening get together was a heady mix of music, a quiz and games with "fancy pieces" produced by the ladies of the Committee served with Tea and Coffee.  A great evening was had by all.

Sunday morning and we gathered again in the hall for a brief and entertaining message from our resident soothsayer, Brian Marr who inevitably made us laugh and be thoughtful at the same time. 

After more tea, coffee and edible goodies, we said our goodbyes with promises to meet again: this time in Stonehaven on 29th October when there may be ghostly happenings......who knows???


Bookings to Sandra Fenton if you would like to join us.

On  Saturday 17th November 2018, Emma Summers (21), along with her grandparents and North Centre stalwarts, Andrew and Doris Baird and friends attended at Inverness Airport, where she presented an £1100 cheque  donation, to The Scottish Air Ambulance Service, who were represented by Team Leader, Daz Steatham and Air Paramedic Kris O’Neil.
Contributions were made by both North Scotland and Highland Centre members, alongside friends and relatives, after Emma was seriously injured whilst making her way home in her car, from the Portsoy Boat Festival Rally, in 2017. 
Emma continues her recovery from the injuries she sustained, but is very thankful for the prompt attendance of the Scottish Air Ambulance and crew, at the scene.

Forduon – North Centre                                                                                                     13th – 15th September 2019



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Portsoy – North Centre                                                                                                     21st – 24th June 2019


When the Boat Comes In

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Cruden Bay – North Centre                                                           20th – 22nd April 2018


Be Prepared Rally

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Brodie – North Centre joint Rally with Highland Centre                                                     6th – 9th April 2018

Daffodils at Brodie Rally

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Banchory – North Centre                                                      23rd – 25th March 2018

Banchory by the Dee Rally

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Banchory – North Centre                                                                                    15th – 17th September 2017

AGM Rally

Kenmay – North Centre                                                                                                     1st – 3rd September 2017


Big Bikers go Spicy Rally

Strathdon – North Centre                                                                                                     25th – 28th August 2017


Lonach Gathering Rally

Arbroath – North Centre                                                                                                     28th – 31st July 2017


The West's on Tour Rally

Rosehearty – North Centre                                                                                                     7th – 10th July 2017


Sun, Sea & Sand Rally

Portsoy – North Centre                                                                                                     23rd – 26th June 2017


Ships Ahoy Rally

Westhill – North Centre                                                                                                     9th – 11th June 2017


Farmyard Capers Rally

Fordoun – North Centre                                                                                                      12th – 14th May 2017


The Speak of the Mearns Rally

Glenlivet – North Centre                                                                         14th – 17th April 2017


Easter Galore Rally

Stonehaven – North Centre                                                                         24th – 26th March 2017


All at Sea Rally

The North Centre All at Sea rally, held at the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Club Site at Stonehaven, this weekend was a great success.  27 caravans attended including those from SCC, Fife and Tayside and Highland Centres.  The rally was opened by a RNLI volunteer Kenny Jones, who gave us an insight into the RNLI.  The rally marshals were Aileen and Keith Nicol together with Fiona and Ian Leslie.  Ian Archibald was the DJ for the evening at the social, which was held at the Stonehaven Bowling Club.   During the social, Moira Porter was presented with the Farquharson Trophy which was competed for in 2016.  There was a very welcome meal of stovies, followed an evening of music, fun and games.  A fundraising activity in aid of the RNLI with a prize of a large bottle of whisky was won by Pete Ansell who very kindly donated the bottle back to the Centre to be put into the next rally at Glenlivet. This raised £93.  A good night was had by all.  On Sunday morning, we were all invited for refreshments, during which those gathered very kindly once again donated generously to the RNLI.  The total raised during the weekend was £127.50.  Kenny Jones,  a volunteer of the RNLI joined us and judged the children's competition.  The children each made a boat out of paper and decorated it. The  prize for the best decorated boat was won by Rebecca Ansell and the prize for the boat that performed well on the sea trials, which took place in very rough sea in a padding pool, was Neive Archibald.  All the children also received a goody bag kindly presented by Kenny on behalf of the RNLI.  Well done to all the children who took part. The winners of the adults competition were Joyce and Olly Turner. Everyone agreed that the All at Sea rally was a fantastic start to the season and the icing on the cake was the glorious sunshine throughout the weekend.  Finally the rally marshals, Aileen, Keith, Fiona and Ian were thanked for all their hard work during the weekend and were presented with their rally plaques by the North Centre Chairman, Bruce Fenton.  The next rally is the Easter Galore Rally at Glenlivet on 14th to 17th April.  Booking slips to Neil Watt please.  Details in the SCC Handbook on page 38.

Banchory – North Centre                                                                                                             16th – 18th September 2016


AGM Rally

Strathdon – North Centre                                                                                                             26th – 29th August 2016


Lonach Gathering Rally

Tarland – North Centre                                                                                                             5th – 7th August 2016


Fun & Games Rally

Mintlaw – North Centre                                                                                                             8th – 11th July 2016


Garden Party in the Park Rally


The rally was attended by 15 caravans at the Uniformed Camp Site, Aden Country Park, Mintlaw.  On Friday evening Hamish Stuart, Vice President, SCC opened the rally.  This was followed by Cheese and Wine. 


During Saturday morning and afternoon our ralliers set off around Aden Country Park to solve the clues to one of the competitions.  Some were more familiar with the Countrypark than others as Hamish had explained during the Opening Ceremony!  Any questions on that comment, please speak to Sandra but the Scouts field was mentioned.


The social was held on the field in two gazebos’ and an awning  all placed together to protect us from the rain (well we did try).   Everyone stayed for the whole evening which shows how hardy us caravanners are.  Despite the weather we had a hilarious time with modeling balloons and the various competitions.  Jessie McKenzie, judged the balloon creations and the winners were Ann Farquharson and Brian Marr who made a hat in the shape of a stag.  There was also a winning team for the other competitions.


Sunday morning brought some welcome sunshine and we were able to hold the Sunday Gathering on the field, which was conducted by Brian Marr.  Brian did a brilliant job and we had several favourable comments.

There was a collection and £31 was kindly donated to CHAS Aberdeen for the benefit of children with a limited life expectancy.



The competion winners for “Who Am I” were Jessie and Graeme McKenzie and the Walk around Aden competition was won by Bruce and Sandra Fenton.  They were presented with their prizes after our welcome refreshments.


During the Closing Ceremony, the Acting Chairman, Jessie McKenzie presented the rally marshals – Kay and Ally Duncan and Pat and Brian Wilson with their Rally Marshals plaques and declaring the rally closed, passed the Centre flag on to David West for next rally to be held at Tarland on 5th to 7th August. 


As this was a three night rally, some of our hardy friends went off for a walk in the rain during Sunday afternoon, discovering the delights of Aden Country Park, led by Sandra and Bruce Fenton.   Unfortunately, it was not possible to hold the DIY barbeque due to non stop rain, the sweet was however duly delivered to the caravans and appeared to be very welcome.


The weather wasn’t kind to us for the majority of the weekend but it didn’t deter us from enjoying ourselves.


Portknockie – North Centre                                                                                                             17th – 19th June 2016


Midsummer Murder Rally

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