The Caravan Club

The Caravan Club is run by members, for members. Our membership is dedicated to exploring all that caravanning, motorhoming and trailer tenting has to offer.

At our main office in East Grinstead, staff manage the day-to-day running of the business ensuring excellent service is provided to its membership.

Staff will also advise the Executive Committee of any need, or opportunity, to review policies, but final decisions are made by the Executive Committee.

History of The Club

The Caravan Club was founded in 1907...

"to bring together those interested in van life as a pastime…to improve and supply suitable vans and other appliances….to develop the pastime by collecting, publishing and supplying to members, books and periodicals and lists of camp sites etc… to arrange camping grounds".

Over 100 years later, The Caravan Club provides just over 375,000 member households with access to nearly 3,000 locations, as well as access to its vast storehouse of knowledge and expertise in how to make the most of caravanning as a leisure pastime.

Today it still promotes and connects those interested in caravanning


Telephone: 01342 318 813

Club Centres and Regions

Local groups (known as Centres) are the core of The Caravan Club's community. The Club began in 1907 with rallies. Check out the individual Centre websites to find something to suit you.

New to Caravan Club Rallies? Watch our step-by-step guide to finding events and rallies.

Irish Division of The Caravan Club

Welsh Division of The Caravan Club


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