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2019 Scottish Caravan Club National Rally – Lanark

Chairman’s Message

Dear Members,

I would sincerely like to thank you all for allowing me to serve as the Chairman of The Scottish Division of the Caravan and Motorhome Club for a second year.

I will ensure that I maintain the high standards that have been set by Scottish Division and actively promote Scottish Centres and the Scottish Caravan Club wherever our travels take us.

The highlight of the Scottish Caravan Club calendar for 2019 is the 69thScottish National Rally, which will be hosted by the West of Scotland Centre at Lanark Racecourse, Lanark from 3rd- 7thMay 2019. A full programme of activities and events have been planned for your enjoyment throughout the weekend. The town of Lanark is only a short distance from the Race Course and has plenty to offer with numerous visitor attractions in the town itself and the surrounding area. Please support the West Centre Committee and their volunteers at this event. Your attendance and early booking would be greatly appreciated. A Pre-National Rally is being held by Dumfries and Galloway Centre at Gretna and a National Follow-on Rally is being held by South West Centre at Gartcosh. This is a perfect opportunity for you to extend the Scottish National into a holiday.

A little later in May, the Caravan and Motorhome Club National will take place from 24th– 28thMay 2019 at Ragley Hall, Park and Gardens in Alcester, Warwickshire.

I would like to thank the Scottish Division Editor, Centre Committees and Rally Secretaries for the compilation of the 2019 Handbook, along with the Rally Marshals who give up their valuable time to run the events that allow us to enjoy our much loved pastime.

Whichever events you decide to attend during the year, you can look forward to a warm welcome wherever you are.

Louise and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes to you all for 2019.


Fraser Todd


The Scottish Caravan Club

Scottish Caravan Club Office Bearers 2018/2019

David Smith

SCC President

T: 01382 819865


Bruce Fenton

SCC Vice President

T: 01224 821764


Margaret Graham

SCC Vice President

T: 0141 573 3921


Fraser Todd

SCC Chairman

M: 07810 123047


Ronnie Duff

SCC Vice Chairman

M: 07762 561624


Kenny Robertson

SCC Secretary

T: 01383 414616


Liz Ross

SCC Treasurer

T: 01383 622704


Alistair Fisher

SCC Editor (Webmaster)

T: 01569 760446


Fred Sewell


T: 01387 720071


Perth - SCC                                                                       12th - 15th October 2018

AGM Rally

Glasgow - SCC                                                                       15th 20th August 2018

World Pipe Band Championship Rally

To view all photos from WPCR - Click on Photo Above



Here we are in the car parks adjoining the Whitecraigs Rugby Club on the outskirts of Glasgow.   There was plenty of help from the rally team on arrival to get set up, on hard standing.


On reading the programme the day-time hours were free every day for everyone to go out and explore their extremely interesting surroundings.


The rally was opened on the Wednesday evening by Mr. George Lallaway in his usual friendly manner.   Home made dumpling and shortbread, with tea/coffee were served by the team.   Claire Davidson gave a short talk on things to see and do in Glasgow.   My roots are in Argyllshire and I spent many summer holidays in Glasgow, would you believe,  but have never come across anyone with as much information on the history of the city as Claire had in her head.   She was obviously very passionate about her home city and was very eager to pass this on to us.   The visitors were extremely interested and used the info to plan their visits out the next day (even members who live in Glasgow found out things they did not know about their own city) …. WELL DONE CLAIRE …. and many thanks.


Alex/Gina and Ian/Margaret Graham offered a car drop-off and uplift service to the bus stop or local train station and this was in use often.


Although the weather was very mixed we were outside every evening at 8.00 pm. Food/snacks were handed out every evening with tea and coffee while Claire imparted the local info.
Square sausage and rolls. Hot scotch pies, pancakes with cream and various toppings and many other items were served up.

 On Friday evening we had the use of the sports hall in the Clubhouse (which had been open for drinks every evening and members were made most welcome)   The night “A Taste of Burns”  was very informal.   Fraser Todd, SCC Chairman welcomed all to the evening, followed by one of Claire's short talks.   The Haggis was piped in by Abi Reid a young Fife and Tayside member who was followed by the henchman suitably attired (Grenville Chamberlain) who expertly paraded the haggis round the hall and presented it to George Lallaway who addressed the haggis after which we were served, by Division, with oatcakes and haggis, followed by a rusty nail and cakes, etc.   We started at 8 o'clock and finished after 10 o'clock and the conversation never ceased all night – it was fantastic to see everyone moving around and talking to one and all and not sitting in their “wee groups”.   It was also good to see Grenville there as an ordinary rallier representing the Mid Anglia Centre and hope he is allowed to enjoy more rallies like this as he has now retired from paid work.  In a vote of thanks he mentioned that this rally had been a bee under Alex's bonnet for many years and now that it had escaped he could well be looking for another event  -  we'll just have to wait and see.

With time to sit in the van during a wet afternoon I thought,  where were all the scottish centre members, we were very thin on the ground only 12 outfits. Granted SCC had 7 outfits there.    The visitors were from far and near, Ulster 1, Northumberland 1, Durham 2, East Yorkshire 1, Gloucester 1, Norfolk 2, Mid Anglia 1 and unattached 5.   Four (4) of the visitors were new ralliers attending their first rally - 33 vans in total not counting the numbers that had to cancel.


This was an excellent rally whatever you were looking for and I felt it deserved more support from Scottish Centre members.  After the success of Cultybraggan also organised by SCC maybe it is time for them to consider organising more rallies, national, etc. as centres are struggling to form committees. Could we talk about merging Centres or could less rallies, but for bigger events, pull out more members, it's just a thought?????? from a well seasoned Rallier





Perth - SCC                                                                             13th - 16th October 2017

Scottish Caravan Club AGM Rally - Photos


The Scottish Caravan Club held their AGM in the Dewar’s, Business, Events and Sports Centre, Perth on Saturday the 14th October 2017.
There was a good attendance of 138 members from across the seven Scottish Centres.

The Scottish Division platform party, consisted of Hamish Stuart SCC President, Graeme McKenzie Treasurer, Kenny Robertson Secretary, David Smith SCC Chairman, they were joined by Grenville Chamberlain CAMC Chairman and Nick Lomas Director General of CAMC.

This year SCC had a change of Chairman as David Smith had completed his two years. Stepping into the chair was Fraser Todd, with Ronnie Duff being elected as Vice Chairman, all other posts on Division were filled.

During the meeting, the Alba Shield photographic competition was judged and the winner was Margaret Rigby from the Dumfries and Galloway Centre

As the meeting came to AOCB, the CAMC guests had to respond to questions regarding Scottish sites and extended high season times. These questions were answered, or referred to East Grinstead for clarification.

The newly elected SCC Chairman Fraser Todd, thanked everyone for attending and wished them all a very good caravanning year for 2018.


Fred Sewell
Scottish Caravan Club. 


To view all photos click on the link below

Dumfries - SCC                                                                                                               28th April – 2nd May 2017

Scottish Caravan Club National Rally - Photos

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